Lockdown Yorkshire Dales National Park

Tis image taken at Janet’s Foss near Malham in 2021 came second in the Martin Parr Foundation’s Back To Normality photography competition, judged by Martin Parr.

In 2020 and 2021 I documented the effect of lockdown at some of North Yorkshire’s busiest tourist destinations. Visiting several sites in Yorkshire Dales National Park, plus Nidderdale Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, I photographed the emptiness of places like Malham during the initial lockdown.

I was able to photograph the few people who dared to leave their homes at a time when essential travel was not permitted in the UK.

As the first lockdown lifted in the summer of 2020, I documented the gradual arrival of people to sites like Malham, Linton Falls near Grassington and Burnsall – where tourist numbers reached record levels.

In 2021, with overseas holidays not an option for most people, those visitor numbers have remained exceptionally high – with high-profile destinations like Malham Cove and nearby Goredale Scar again registering the highest visitor numbers in their history.

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