Published books

Some books come with just words. Some books come with just photography. Some books come with both. These book projects are a mixture of all of these, plus the ones which have drawings in them (which were written for kids). Below is a list of some of the things I have published in book form.


Book, performance, exhibition
Presented as a series of portrait photographs and direct quotes interviews, Outsiders profiles unique, unusual and misunderstood people. Diverse range of issues explored include sex, war, deviation, racism, religion and train spotting.

Outsiders was published in book form in 2012.

The project was developed further as a piece of performance theatre (2015). This live-art presentation comprises of a music video installation where the photographer shows the images while, live in the theatre space, the photographer reveals verbatim text quotes (written on large cards) which directly relate to each image shown on screen.

This was first performed at Liverpool International Photography Festival (Look15) at Bluecoat, for Redeye’s Hothouse. Also performed at Live Wire (53 Degrees, University of Central Lancashire), Preston Tringe (part of Photographing Fags, Freaks and Fighting, 2015) at Unknown Identity at Nexus Arts Café (Manchester, 2015)

Book, exhibition
Call it Palestine, the Palestinian Territories or, to be more specific, the West Bank in Israel. Whatever you decide, you can’t argue that this is one of the most stunning landscapes in the world. And the cities, like Nablus and Bethlehem, are among the most beautifully historic, too.

Which makes it such a shame that this area is riddle with conflict, internationally accepted illegal Israeli settlements and suppression.

Then there’s rocket attacks (from both sides) killings and deprivation. It’s a bloody mess – and we’ve not even mentioned the no-go area of Gaza yet.

If you find the conflict between Israel and Palestine too complicated to even begin to understand, then this book is for you. It documents the problems and you’ll have a laugh at the same time. What more could you ask for?

It’s a full-colour book, with rather nice photography. Even if I do say so myself. You can buy the book as a paperback or for Kindle.

No Smoking
Two books, exhibition
This project documents the ban on smoking in public places in Britain, with images taken before and after the ban came into force in England on July 1, 2007.

So, there are these quite historical looking images of people smoking in pubs, nightclubs, bingo halls and social clubs, contrasting nicely with images of what happened to the smokers when they forced outside.

First published in book form as Flashes to Ashes (2007), the project was updated in 2012 in the book Marlboro Nights.

A limited number of copies of Flashes to Ashes are available to buy directly from me. You can get Marlboro Nights on Amazon:

Stay At Home Dads Are Not Welcome Here

This is a book about one dad, one daughter and the children’s playgroups they went to.

It’s quite funny, explores the women-only world of play groups and destroys some of the myths about how important child care is for youngsters.

All photographs in the book were taken with a Nokia 1020 mobile phone (now known as a Windows Phone). This phone was loaned to me by Nokia for the duration of the project.


Six documentary photography projects from around the world. Nine images in each project.

6×9 includes images from Blackpool, Bethlehem and India and covers issues including smoking, religion and Christmas.

FREE Days Out In Lancashire

This book is a guide to free days out in Lancashire (and the surrounding areas which include Formby and Yorkshire). The guide includes directions, tips, hand-drawn maps and photography to ensure that the people of Lancashire and visitors to the region can experience the best of what this region has to offer for free.

The FREE Days Out dedicated blog also has special travel articles on Yorkshire and North East England.

Albert the Pug and the Thief Dog

Albert the Pug and the Haunted Castle
These are illustrated children’s rhyming stories, both available on Amazon and on Kindle. Kids love them. Here is the Albert the Pug website.

Here’s a few links to the books: Albert the Pug and the Dog Thief

Albert the Pug and the Haunted Castle

UK version
US version

Seriously Good Photography Tips For Camera Phones
These are the best tips you will ever read about taking great photographs. This book is packed full of them. All presented succinctly. It is very easy to read and understand. Basic and clever tips = immediate impact on your photos.

It’s available to buy from Amazon.


God Have You Ever Been To Wigan?
Book (short story)
Available on Amazon.