In 2015, I began delivering photography projects as live art theatre-based performances. The idea was that very few people see photography projects, particularly in exhibitions and specifically documentary photography. For over a decade I have experimented with presenting photography in new ways to reach bigger and more diverse audiences (audio slideshows, documentary Christmas cards, books, zines and podcasts).

Performance photography (which I’ve written about on my blog here) was a natural step on from this work, albeit a big step. I’d describe myself as a non-performer. But using video, music, karaoke singing (yes, KARAOKE SINGING WHILE SHOWING DOCUMENTARY PHOTOGRAPHY*), spoken word, verbatim text and other performers has been been far more successful than I ever imagined.

After launching performance photography with my long-running project Outsiders – first performed at Redeye’s Hothouse event at Bluecoat Liverpool, part of Look15 Liverpool International Photography Festival – I have developed several theatre-based projects.

I was commissioned to create a piece called Northern World by Fuel Theatre, as part of their New Theatre In Your Neighbourhood project and I’ve appeared at several performance festivals and events including Drunken Chorus’ Drunken Nights IV (Sheffield) and Fieldwork Photography Forum (University of Central Lancashire, Preston).

All of this work is detailed in my Cv.

These are my performance-based pieces:

Central Lancashire Homesick Blues
Photographing Fags, Freaks and Fighting
Northern World
Pub Karaoke Photography Exhibition

*NOTE: I can’t sing.
Image of Outsiders taken by Andy Ford


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