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I flew to Istanbul with Turkish Airlines and stayed at the Swissotel The Bosphorus
You can see the Love Town podcast This Is Istanbul here

Turkish delight

by Garry Cook

Some fantastic facts about Istanbul.*


*WARNING: Not your typical fun-filled happy facts.


Turkey has the second largest army in NATO after the Yanks.


Turkey has the third fastest growth rate of Gross Domestic Product in the world (2004 to 2008), after China and India. In 2017 it is set to surpass India.


Turkey economy is the sixth largest in Europe.


Turkey is Europe’s second largest supplier of textiles and second largest supplier of automtive goods.


One out of every two household appliances in Europe are made in Turkey.


Turkey is the world’s leading exporter of the chemical element boron.


Turkey is the seventh most popular tourist destination in the world.


Three of the world’s eight gene centres are in Turkey.


There is so much traffic in Istanbul it seemed like the entire 12.5million population were trying to get to the same restaurant as me on Friday night.

But the negative points about this city stop there. Tourists are treated with respect. No areas are no-go to tourists and the history, culture, shopping and leisure trades were fantastic. That’s not to mention the tremendous food. It is an exceptional destination for all of these reasons.

From the Blue Mosque and the Hagia Sophia to a Bosphorus boat trip and the Istanbul Modern, this place is fantastic destination.

It’s like experiencing the grand scale Cairo without fear for your safety and without pestering from locals.


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