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I have several books available on Amazon (including versions for Kindle,which look very good on Kindle Fire as they contain colour photographs).


You can see my books on Amazon here.



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Stay At Home Dads Are Not Welcome Here

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FREE Days Out in Lancashire

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Buy Outsiders on Amazon in the US here


Buy Outsiders on Amazon in the UK here


Buy Outsiders on Kindle in the US here


Buy Outsiders on Kindle in the UK here


Alternatively, buy the book directly through this website with the option of a signed copy and dedication:

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Six documentary photography projects from around the world. 

Nine images in each project. 

6x9 includes images from Blackpool, Bethlehem and India and covers issues including smoking, religion and Christmas.

And the handy size - six inches by nine inches - means it fits nicely into your handbag (or manbag).

Alternatively, save on shelf space by buying the digital version (iPad and iPhone not included). 

All images taken by photographer Garry Cook. That's me by the way.


This book is avilable to buy in book form or as an ephotobook for iPad and iPhone.


Buy the book here: 6x9 book for around £10 (or 17 USD)


Buy the ephotobook here: 6x9 for iPad and iPhone for £3.99



Merry Christmas!


Available this Christmas by photographer Garry Cook – a set of 12 documentary Christmas cards.


The cards are part of my exploration of how to promote the genre through innovative marketing.


By using products to promote photography – and inverting the usual role of photography as a promoter of the product – I am attempting bring photography to a wider audience.


Photography as an art form is undervalued in Britain compared to the rest of the world.


Countries like Japan, America, Holland and Germany all have a thriving photography industry, while this country has seen markets for photography depleted in recent years.


For the documentary project itself, I have examined the role of Christmas in the lives of British people.


From London to Lancashire, these images highlight the true meaning of Christmas for the British – shopping, partying and drinking.


Photographing dances, parties, shopping arcades, garden centres, markets, fetes, fairs and festivals plus and, most importantly, Christmas lunch in a traditional Blackpool hotel – this is the season to be jolly at the height of its delight.


I spent months planning the project. Many venues I visited were reluctant to allow photography on their property.


The owners of the Trafford Centre did grant permission – but only after demanding I took out £10million public liability insurance.


There are some amazing Christmas festivals, parties and markets up and down the country. There are still plenty of places I’d like to take Christmas images, particularly the seasonal delights of the supermarket.

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Love Town zine Issue One from Blackpool

The Brilliant Blackpool is a full colour A4 publication celebrating the life of Blackpool as a seaise town.


Shot over four years between 2007 and 2010, this zine was published to coincide with the opening of the Brilliant Blackpool exhibition at FYCreatives in Blackpool in August 2011.


The zine contains extra unseen images not included in the show. Limited to 100 editions.

brilliant blackpool zine


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Or you can now get a digital download of Love Town Issue One:


Love Town zine Issue Two from Liverpool

The second edition of Love Town is a 12-page special focusing on drinking in Liverpool. Some of the images in issue two feature in the exhibition Women and Alcohol.


This project has been exhibited in Liverpool, as part of Look2011: Liverpool International Photography Festival and also in London for Photomonth 2011, the East London Photography Festival.


love town liverpool


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Marlboro Nights: Come to where the smoking was

Now avilable on Amazon

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Brash, flash in-your-face photography exposing smokers in their last days of smoking indoors. 
This 8.5ins x 11ins book is packed full of flash-lit images of smouldering cigarettes. 
In uncompromising style, documentary photographer Garry Cook turns his attentions on smokers.


With stark brutality he documents their final days as free smokers, before the ban on smoking in public came in to force in England on July 1, 2007. 

A 64-page full colour photo book. 

These photographs show smokers in bingo halls, pubs, clubs and nightclubs before the ban came in to force in the summer of 2007. 

The photographer then followed the smokers as they were forced to go outside. 

Shot across England, from London to Liverpool and including Blackpool, Manchester and Preston. 

Five years after the ban, these images offer a nostalgic look at a way of living never to be repeated.


Buy Marlboro Nights on Amazon in the US here


But Marlboro Nights on Amazon in the UK here




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