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And here you'll find a few of the things that I've done, listed in a truncated CV kind of way

Social Media Made Simple

by Garry Cook


Talks, workshops and documenting using digital and mobile technology.


Areas I cover

Digital photography
Accomplished Videography
iTunes videoblogger
CSS editor
NUJ journalist and photographer


Learn the skills and get the confidence to join in with your community – and join in with any community.


Are these the questions you ask yourself: What is social media? How do I use it effectively? How can I stop being scared?

I teach how to use the tools, software and mobile applications (apps) to get your message out there.


Tell me your needs and we’ll work together to find a solution. It could be ingenious, the tools will probably be free – but it will be simple and you will be better informed to take on the digital world.


Build an audience.

Mobile media = faster connections between you, your organisation/business and viewers/listeners/readers/audience.


About me:
Public Relations

Member of the National Union of Journalists and proud to follow their code of conduct.

Bringing social media to the masses: How to market, promote, document and tell a story and generate interest in social media.


I’m especially keen on showing people how to do this easily with existing and free equipment and software. There are no secrets to social media, you just have to be shown how.


The fast-changing world of apps, software and digital equipment can be overwhelming. I can recommend the best technologies to get you started and keep you going in the digital age.


Past projects:

Outsiders: a series of portraits and interviews with the unique, unusual and misunderstood. The project examines how we judge others through prejudice, appearance and ignorance. Includes interviews with a treasure hunter, paedophile, religious fanatic, Israeli and Palestinian teenagers and a cerebral palsy sufferer seeking sexual fulfilment. Exhibited at Museum of the People, London
Published in book form and for Kindle

Merry Christmas!
How the British celebrate Christmas. Three-year project documenting how the British celebrate Christmas.
Published as a series of 12 documentary Christmas cards


Contributed to academic research:
Bespoke Project
London Design Festival at the V&A
Participants Utd
The EDL: Britain’s “New far Right” Social Movement.


From Here To There – People’s Museum, Manchester (2007)
Flashes to Ashes – Richard Goodall Gallery, Manchester (2008)
Outsiders – Museum of People, London (2009)
Women and Alcohol – Baltic Warehouse, Liverpool part of Look2011: Liverpool International Photography Festival (2011)
Women and Alcohol – Oxford House, Bethnal Green, London part of Photomonth2011: East London Photography Festival (2011)
Brilliant Blackpool – FYCreatives, Blackpool (2011)
Marlboro Nights - The Continental, Preston (2012)


What I Do

Social media is now a crucial element in business and economic development – and increasingly community development. It drives impact and change in the public, private and voluntary sectors.


Social media can breakdown barriers between decision-makers and community members, or businesses and their target audiences.


I deliver training courses on the use of social media and technology in business and community development.


But while social media is important, documenting the story efficiently, effectively and coherently is the key.


I can record and present events/stories digitally and by using more traditional media (words and print). Plus, I can show you and your organisation how to produce content using trusted journalistic techniques and new technologies.


My workshops focus not just on the technology but also how to tell the story itself. It doesn’t matter whether you use a big digital SLR or an iPhone – get the basic photographic principles right and people will want to look at your work.


If you want your work, business or event documented in words, pictures – and live online, ask about working with me.


I can provide the following:


Live: video streams of events, live blog updates, live maps, live tweets, immediately available audio.


Recorded: Images, videos and audio for website or YouTube/Vimeo, editorial newsletter, article/feature, press release, book, framed prints.


Speaking and media appearances
I speak at photographic, design innovation and social media technology events. My presentations include successful social media, how I promote my own projects and being abused as a photographer.


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