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What is Get Publicity Now?

It's a two-hour workshop were you learn how to get publicity for your event or business.
It's for individuals or small businesses who want to promote their work but don't know how to.
It's for you if you want to take brilliant images good enough to get published in the media. Great images are very important.
It's for you if your company does not have a marketing department or even a marketing budget.
It's for you if you want to promote something but don't know how to.
I show you how to take good photographs, write press releases and contact media organisations.
You will maximise your chances of getting your story published.
You will hugely increase how many people will see your work on social media.
There is a lot of noise out there. Too many people trying to grab everyone else's attention. I will show you how to stand out from the crowd.
This workshop has been extended to three sessions to be held in conjucntion with Northern Lights at the University of Central Lancashire in 2016.
Yes, I seaid 2016.

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So you take cr*p photos on your mobile phone.


You think the rule of thirds is how you should eat pudding.


And the golden ratio sounds to you like a very bad movie.


If you’re thinking along these lines, you definitely need this guide (below). It is aimed at mobile phone users. It’s very easy to read.


This book is avilable on Amazon here.



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