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Merry Christmas!

By Garry Cook


This slideshow is a mash-up of images taken at various events throughout the country.
The Merry Christmas! project has also yielded a set of 12 limited edition Christmas cards, available to buy here.
From London to Lancashire, I’ve documented what I believe to be the true meaning of Christmas for the British – shopping, partying and drinking.
I went to dances, parties, shopping arcades, garden centres, markets, fetes, fairs churches and festivals. And he spent Christmas Day in a traditional Blackpool hotel documenting the most important lunch of the year.
The Merry Christmas! cards are part of my exploration of how to promote documentary photography through innovative marketing.
By using products to promote photography – and inverting the usual role of photography as a promoter of the product – he is attempting bring photography to a wider audience.
Photography as an art form is undervalued in Britain compared to the rest of the world.
Countries like Japan, America, Holland and Germany all have a thriving photography industry, while this country has seen markets for photography depleted in recent years, forcing photographers to be more creative in their approach to how they work and how they earn money.
The Merry Christmas! project is my first major initiative in promoting photography.
One of the highlights of this project was gaining permission to photograph in the Trafford Centre near Manchester – after being asked to take out £10million public liability insurance.





Merry Christmas! will continue as a project in 2011.