How Love Town works


Love Town is the place where suburban life meets art. Or, in non-theoretical terms, photography documenting people’s lives.


Succinctly, Love Town aims to showcase social documentary photography. Love Town is based in Britain so many of the photos reflect British life. But they don’t have to. You can submit your project for display in Love Town.


The end.


But if you want to read more or if you are studying an MA in photography, read on. The words that follow state the same as above but take longer to read.


Love Town – bridging the gap between the photograph and art. Here you will find less theory, more images which celebrate the ordinary and urban, the mundane and the everyday. Quite a complicated sentence that one.


I’m on a one-man mission to promote documentary in its most easily digestible form. Most of the work you will find here is new, unpublished and British. But there are no set rules. If it’s good, it’s in. If it’s rubbish, it’s just my opinion. All you have to do is look at the photographs.


If you email me some web-friendly images (and I’m talking 800 pixels on the longest side) I will be happy to take a look and possibly put them on this blog. If you clog up my inbox or send me email after email I won’t be so happy. There are no rules on the number of images to submit – but between three and eight would be quite normal. Thirty-five images would not be normal.


I’m also partial to the odd flyer promoting photography exhibitions and events.


What I’d like everyone who views this site to do is be inspired enough to buy a photography book. If you do that, we’re getting somewhere.


Garry Cook
September 2010


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