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About Love Town


This photo-friendly blog promotes documentary projects.


By documentary I mean documentary photography projects – not a TV documentary. Documentary in the area of photography means something a bit different to a filmed documentary.


The photographic projects you see here are sets of images which tell a story about people’s lives or events. These stories can be the outrageous, outlandish or simply just the ordinary and everyday.


Two things I think should be made clear concern the photographers who submit their images and why this site is showcasing those images.


As far as the photographers go, I will stick my neck on the block and say now that all of them will be amateur documentary photographers – they won’t make the majority of their income from documentary photography.


The financial facts of life are that there just aren’t any photographers who make their money from documentary work. Certainly there are none in Britain and very, very few around the world.


Those who do make all their money from documentary work will have very basic living requirements. They will not have a mortgage.


That is not to say that the standard of images won’t be good. Far from it. What you will see here is some outstanding sets of images covering some remarkable and unusual subjects.


Documentary photography – and photography in general – suffers from a lack of understanding and respect in Britain. Travel to Holland, Germany, Japan or America and the appetite for photography is far greater. It is displayed more regularly, consumed with far greater passion.


The Love Town blog is the first step in tackling this issue in Britain. While giving a platform for photographers to display their work and get their work seen by those who work in the industry, it will also try to lead consumers towards an interest in photography.


It will try to do that by showcasing projects which are obvious, exciting and easy to understand. Show someone with little interest in photography some abstract art photographic images and I will show you someone with a little less interest in photography than they did five minutes earlier.


It’s a learning curve. We’re all on one – so let’s get moving.


Love Town is run by Garry Cook, a journalist and photographer.



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